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Voice and data

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In any business, it is essential that you can quickly and reliably connect your workforce with your customers. Our world-class, connectivity partners include BT, Gamma and Virtual1, meaning our customers are assured business grade connectivity, for voice communications and data, over consolidated, QoS-enabled (Quality of Service) networks.

Whatever our service provision to you, Incom-CNS includes everything on one bill via WebaBility, our online billing management portal. Bills are tailored to your requirements, so if you need to view a breakdown by individual or multiple sites, monitor your call usage and charges, or search historical bills, we deliver.

Openreach stop sells are coming – how does that affect me?

As Openreach’s plan for the UK to be ‘fully fibre’ by 2025 gathers momentum, ‘stop sell’ notices for copper services are becoming more widespread across the country. In our blog, Incom-CNS Group Sales Director, Grant Counsell, seeks to allay fears over stop sells and reassure businesses that there is still time to carefully plan and execute a transition to digital.

SIP Trunking

A ready-made, future-proof, flexible replacement for ISDN. Instead of landline calls going to and from your local telephone exchange, calls travel over the internet, removing the need to install dedicated lines on each of your sites. As a result, your business will benefit from considerable cost savings.

Stay in control with greater flexibility and business continuity services, if your system goes down, SIP Trunking can ensure you can re-route calls to an alternative location quickly and easily.

Leased Lines

Leased lines provide your business with guaranteed symmetrical data connectivity, supported by a premium service level agreement for optimum fix times with failover options for increased reliability.  Our dedicated leased lines are specifically designed for your business, meaning you’re the only user on the connection, providing reliable, secure data access.

With bandwidths ranging from 10Mbps up to 10Gbps, you can easily increase connection speeds as needed, removing the issue of slow-downs during peak periods. Ideal for fast growing, data hungry businesses, who regularly upload large files, use cloud services, web hosting, video streaming and share large data files.

Not only are leased lines ideal for internet connectivity, but also everything from phone calls, VoIP, and any kind of data transfer your business uses.

ADSL/Assured ADSL Broadband

Our ADSL and Assured ADSL business broadband solutions offer a cost-effective gateway to internet and network connectivity. ADSL offers fast, reliable, secure connections and is ideal for low use circuits or as a primary circuit for businesses in non-fibre areas, providing speeds up to 24Mbps. Not only is it quick to install as it uses the copper wire system of your existing phone line, it is business grade, therefore unaffected by residential traffic.

If you’re considering ISDN alternatives, Assured ADSL, provides high quality inbound and outbound voice calls with a business grade broadband connection at speeds of up to 24Mbps. It will also allow you to take advantage of Cloud Telephony systems, which have been designed to work with ISDN alternatives such as SIP Trunking.

Fibre Connectivity

Accelerate your business connectivity and gain freedom to enjoy uninterrupted and unrestricted broadband. Fibre connectivity solutions provide enough speed and bandwidth to comfortably meet the demands of multiple users on a single connection. Choose between:

  • FTTC – Fibre to the Cabinet offers a high capacity for rich media, large complex files and online business processes, thanks to increased bandwidth. FTTC uses a combination of fibre optic and copper cable, providing higher upload and download speeds even when several users are on the same connection. Up to 80Mbps
  • Converged FTTC – Fully managed version of standard FTTC which combines voice and data on a single high-speed connection, prioritising all voice traffic to ensure QoS.
  • FTTP – End-to-end fibre optic connection the full distance from the exchange to your premises reaching speeds 330Mb to 1Gbps. Performance is largely unaffected by distance as voice, video and data is delivered over fibre via pulses of light


Our MPLS connectivity solution will connect your business to a highly secure, private network using a choice of access technologies, from broadband to ethernet. MPLS (Multi-protocol label switching) is a protocol for shaping traffic flows, by bridging sites together over a private, secure tunnel in the Cloud. It makes Wide Area Networks (WAN) easier to manage, providing a cost-effective and secure solution for sharing information between remote workers, partners and offices, as well as ensuring fast reliable connectivity for real time, business critical applications. Benefit from complete security for data in transit to ensure remote sites and employees have access to business-critical applications and information.

MPLS converged voice and data features offer access to increased bandwidth and performance which will open your business up to moving to the Cloud and the benefits offered by IP technologies. As your business grows, new sites, users and applications can be easily added to your MPLS network. Its QoS mechanisms ensure prioritised and guaranteed performance for critical business applications, meaning your business will benefit from high quality, uninterrupted access to the tools and applications your business needs to run efficiently.

Our MPLS networks are inherently connected to many of the leading cloud service providers. This means services such as SIP trunking, CRM data, Office 365, Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azzure can be connected via the core of the network improving user experience and increasing the security of critical business applications.

Software Defined Networks

Our MPLS solutions are SDN (Software Defined Network) enabled. The control and day to day management of the MPLS network is managed through our service desk, reducing extended wait times for changes and the provision network services. A fully managed service available to all customers, SDN controllers operate as the brains of your network, providing a centralised view of your entire network.

SDN encompasses a variety of complex technologies (including functional separation, network virtualisation and automation), simplifies them and gives greater control, mobility, scalability and resilience to your network. SDN reduces operating costs and cuts down on hardware expenses by allowing us to provision physical and virtual elements from one application, without the need for specialist training. Historically making these changes have been expensive with long leads times.

The Incom-CNS team takes a consultative approach, investing the time to fully understand each customer’s needs, which enables us to tailor solutions that consistently meet and exceed expectations.

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