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Cloud solutions

Want advice on the right solution for your business? We can help.

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Your Cloud, your way

Cloud unlocks the potential for speed, innovation and a focus on customer experience and we believe that every business will ultimately move to some kind of Cloud . The path will not be the same for all, but the shift is more prevalent than you may think. Your Cloud strategy should be specific to your business needs and our team can help you to navigate the right path for your business.

Public cloud

  • Lower costs – no need to purchase hardware or software, and only pay for the service you use
  • No maintenance costs – your service provider maintains the system
  • Elastic scaling – on-demand resources allow the agility to meet the changing needs of business
  • High reliability – a vast network of servers offers maximum resilience

Private cloud

  • Bespoke– fully customisable Cloud environment to meet your specific needs
  • Security – no sharing of resources, offering higher levels of control and security
  • High availability – based on your budget and requirements, from a hyper-converged single site to a mission-critical multi-site
  • High scalability – ultimately scalable and flexible

Hybrid cloud

  • Control – ability to maintain a private infrastructure for sensitive data and assets
  • Flexibility – take advantage of additional resources in the public Cloud when needed
  • Cost-effective – scale to the public Cloud when you need, on a pay per usage basis
  • Ease of use – you can migrate gradually if you choose, phasing in workloads over time

Wirral council has been an Incom-CNS customer for over 11 years. It is my pleasure to recommend them due to their desire for excellence and always looking after Wirral’s interest over profit.

Wirral Council

The Incom-CNS team takes a consultative approach, investing the time to fully understand each customer’s needs, which enables us to tailor solutions that consistently meet and exceed expectations.

  • Award-winning solutions
  • Dedicated team of experts
  • Single point of contact
  • All aspects of business communications

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0161 788 0000

We pride ourselves on offering businesses award-winning customer service and first-class advice on every aspect of business communications. We would love to learn more about you and your specific communications needs, so please get in touch.

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