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The benefits of fully managed services

One of the key decisions that business owners face, is deciding when and where to invest money. There are many new technologies available to streamline business processes and offer considerable cost savings. Failing to embrace these advancements and remaining loyal to out-dated systems can leave businesses severely out of pocket.

Out with the old

Many of the traditional businesses systems, such as ISDN phone networks and old IT Infrastructures, rely on hardware and physical wiring to operate. The problem this creates is that hardware needs constant maintenance and has a limited shelf life.

When something goes wrong, you will need to employ the services of an expensive IT or phone engineer and face the costs of replacement equipment. Any delay in rectifying the problem, or ordering parts, can be bad news for the business. Associated downtime will leave customers unable to communicate with you and staff members unable to complete work.

In addition to the challenges of remaining functional, these archaic systems offer very limited flexibility. An increase in service demand means more investment in equipment, which you will carry the cost for, even when demand is reduced.

In with the new

Cloud-based telephony and IT systems are revolutionising business processes and offering a flexible, scalable solution to changing needs. With no hardware to maintain, there are no sudden costs to meet, and your business can benefit from a more efficient and secure infrastructure. Services are provided on a pay for use basis, so it is easy to track activity and expenditure.

Outsourcing service management will free up members of your team to focus on business centred activities. For example, instead of troubleshooting problems, your IT team can be proactively working to improve processes and drive the business forward.

Peace of mind

Our service management includes the set-up and running of your business systems and infrastructure, ensuring that everything is running efficiently and securely. We conduct round the clock monitoring of all applications and usage, so any unusual event will be picked up and appropriate action taken.

Our IT and Telephony solutions include a robust security infrastructure built-in, so there is no need to make any additional provision to protect your business. Cloud technologies come with far superior security than traditional alternatives, dramatically reducing the likelihood of a breach.

Let’s take a look at some of the features our cloud-based solutions offer:

Cloud telephony

As your cloud telephony provider, we take care of the smooth running of your phone system, while you enjoy the following benefits for the business and your customers:

  • Automated messages to greet and direct callers.
  • Music while callers queue – holding their attention for longer.
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response) helps direct callers to the appropriate department.
  • Calls diverted to business mobile, when connected to the telephony network
  • Multimedia handling, to manage all channels of communication

These features help create a professional image for your business, building customer trust and confidence.

Cloud-based contact centres

Taking our telephony services to the next level, your business can take advantage of our highly professional contact centres. Employing staff to take calls to your business can be a costly exercise and can put a strain on resources when demand is high.

By outsourcing customer contact, you can be sure that all calls will be managed by a trained agent and directed appropriately. This means no staff members dealing with calls that are not related to them, and they can focus instead on their area of expertise.

Our advanced performance reporting means you are able to track all contact centre activity and see real-time results. The level of service is flexible and can be scaled up or down according to need, which coupled with increased efficiency will secure a sound ROI.

Cloud computing

Our cloud IT solutions operate via a virtual server, which replaces the traditional on-premises or data centre servers. You can run all of your usual business applications through the virtual server, many of which will benefit from enhanced performance.

We take the time to really understand your business, assessing both your current needs and your vision for the future. We can then design an infrastructure perfectly suited to your business and users. We essentially run your infrastructure as a service, but you retain complete control over access and usage of applications.

The service options are flexible and scalable: there is no need for capacity planning in advance, as adjustments can swiftly be made to meet changing business needs. This means savings on cost and a future-proof infrastructure.

Our managed services give you ultimate peace of mind and allow you, and your team, to focus on developing the business. They help build a professional image to attract and retain customers and position the business ahead of the competition.

To talk to us about how managed services can benefit your business, or to discuss specific requirements, please call 0161 788 0000.

Get in touch

0161 788 0000

We pride ourselves on offering businesses award-winning customer service and first-class advice on every aspect of business communications. We would love to learn more about you and your specific communications needs, so please get in touch.

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

The Trust has a long-standing relationship with Incom-CNS and considers them an important partner. The Mitel solution has delivered the increased resilience required for our critical services.

Premier Holidays

The Mitel solution from Incom-CNS has helped us to save money, improve our flexibility to manage seasonal demands, increase our efficiencies and deliver exceptional customer service.

The Range Superstores

Our customers can speak to the right person, first time, and this level of service sets us apart from the competition. In Incom-CNS and Mitel we have the perfect partnership.

Harley Medical Group

Throughout our relationship, I have found Incom-CNS to be very helpful and professional. I would not hesitate to recommend Incom-CNS to other companies.

Stafford and Rural Homes

The Mitel system from Incom-CNS will pay for itself in two years through significantly reduced management costs and savings on our telephone bill in the order of 20%.

Nine St John Street Chambers

We have worked with Incom-CNS for twenty years and trust their advice and technical capabilities. The Mitel platform is a reliable solution that meets our current and future requirements.

Ison Harrison Solicitors

Put simply, the Mitel Unified Communications solution deployed by Incom-CNS delivers less complexity, ease of use and a much lower total cost of ownership to Ison Harrison.

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