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Customer Experience – The Benefits of Cloud Telephony

Part 2: How Cloud Telephony is Transforming Customer Experience

There are many ways your businesses may communicate with customers, and customers to contact your business. This includes: email, instant messaging, on-line chat and social media. However, phone-calls are still an essential part of doing business. The preferred method of communication for many customers with queries, orders to place or issues to resolve.

Businesses spend a large amount of their marketing budget trying to get people to call them. It’s the number one CTA (Call to Action) for on-line and off-line promotion. With such a high investment made in persuading people to pick up the phone, why would any business risk offering a bad customer experience when they do?

Better for Your business

Taking care of customers when they contact your business will have a direct influence on your ability to convert and keep their custom. Business processes will improve as a result of increasing productivity by reducing wasted time.

Cloud Telephony can benefit your business in the following ways:

  • Higher caller retention – leading to greater opportunities to engage with customers.
  • Increased productivity – auto attendant messages can reduce the time staff members spend processing calls. Callers can be diverted to the right department by selecting the relevant option. As a result staff members only have to respond to appropriately directed customers.
  • Professional image – style of music, automatic messages and targeted responses will all help build an impression of the business being reliable, credible and professional.
  • Product & service awareness – a waiting customer offers the perfect opportunity to promote services and products that may interest them and can be tailored to specific product launches or service updates.
  • Dispute resolution – call recording enables a business to review their customer experience. This demonstrates that they are up-to-speed with all communication and consistent in their response.
  • Performance analytics – businesses can review call management, response times, length of calls, customer satisfaction and conversion rate. All of which help to address pain-points and build on strengths.

In Conclusion

Good customer service is key in business. From the moment your customer decides to pick up the phone, and in every subsequent communication. Cloud Telephony offers many ways to enhance and monitor customer contact, making callers feel valued.

If you would like to know how we can help your business to communicate well with your customers, please call 0161 788 0000 or email

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    Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

    The Trust has a long-standing relationship with Incom-CNS and considers them an important partner. The Mitel solution has delivered the increased resilience required for our critical services.

    Premier Holidays

    The Mitel solution from Incom-CNS has helped us to save money, improve our flexibility to manage seasonal demands, increase our efficiencies and deliver exceptional customer service.

    The Range Superstores

    Our customers can speak to the right person, first time, and this level of service sets us apart from the competition. In Incom-CNS and Mitel we have the perfect partnership.

    Harley Medical Group

    Throughout our relationship, I have found Incom-CNS to be very helpful and professional. I would not hesitate to recommend Incom-CNS to other companies.

    Stafford and Rural Homes

    The Mitel system from Incom-CNS will pay for itself in two years through significantly reduced management costs and savings on our telephone bill in the order of 20%.

    Nine St John Street Chambers

    We have worked with Incom-CNS for twenty years and trust their advice and technical capabilities. The Mitel platform is a reliable solution that meets our current and future requirements.

    Ison Harrison Solicitors

    Put simply, the Mitel Unified Communications solution deployed by Incom-CNS delivers less complexity, ease of use and a much lower total cost of ownership to Ison Harrison.

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