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ISDN 2020 update: It’s time to move!

If you still have legacy ISDN services – it’s time to get moving!

It is common knowledge that ISDN technology has reached end of life and the switch-off of ISDN networks is in progress around the globe. The UK phase-out is already well underway and BT will stop selling ISDN lines in 2020.

Your ISDN disconnection could be only a matter of months away and it’s not only your telephone calls that could be affected. Many businesses have alarm systems, PDQ terminals, lifts and other crucial services still connected to ISDN lines, so if your business still has ISDN services in place you need to get moving.


There are currently still 12,000,000 channels of ISDN in use in the UK. For BT to meet the switch off deadline of 2025, an average of 44,000 lines will need to be migrated every single week between now and then!

It is widely accepted that services will be significantly reduced, with some support suspended, well before 2025 and those organisations who leave the move until the last minute are likely to experience a panicky and problematic migration.

The secret to success is preparation and having a clear understanding of the options that are available to you. We are advising our customers to carefully plan their approach and avoid the fear of the forced migration all together.

Flexibility, business continuity and reduced call costs

In recent times more than ever before, the need for flexible, reliable and cost-effective business communications has become vital.

SIP trunking is a tried and tested technology which offers a ready-made and much improved replacement for traditional ISDN services. Re-route calls quickly and easily to different locations, improve user experience with high quality voice and data services from a single connection and scale up and down as you need to.

Find out more about how SIP can transform your communications with immediate benefits to your business.

Making the move

The Incom-CNS team have successfully migrated thousands of ISDN channels to SIP trunks – it is a straightforward process with the correct planning in place from the start.

Our expert team of experienced engineers and account managers are on hand every step of the way to help your business switch to SIP.

Please get in touch to discuss your business communications requirements, talk to our team on: 0161 788 0000 or email:

Get in touch

0161 788 0000

We pride ourselves on offering businesses award-winning customer service and first-class advice on every aspect of business communications. We would love to learn more about you and your specific communications needs, so please get in touch.

    Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

    The Trust has a long-standing relationship with Incom-CNS and considers them an important partner. The Mitel solution has delivered the increased resilience required for our critical services.

    Premier Holidays

    The Mitel solution from Incom-CNS has helped us to save money, improve our flexibility to manage seasonal demands, increase our efficiencies and deliver exceptional customer service.

    The Range Superstores

    Our customers can speak to the right person, first time, and this level of service sets us apart from the competition. In Incom-CNS and Mitel we have the perfect partnership.

    Harley Medical Group

    Throughout our relationship, I have found Incom-CNS to be very helpful and professional. I would not hesitate to recommend Incom-CNS to other companies.

    Stafford and Rural Homes

    The Mitel system from Incom-CNS will pay for itself in two years through significantly reduced management costs and savings on our telephone bill in the order of 20%.

    Nine St John Street Chambers

    We have worked with Incom-CNS for twenty years and trust their advice and technical capabilities. The Mitel platform is a reliable solution that meets our current and future requirements.

    Ison Harrison Solicitors

    Put simply, the Mitel Unified Communications solution deployed by Incom-CNS delivers less complexity, ease of use and a much lower total cost of ownership to Ison Harrison.

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