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Incom Takes Swift Action for Swiis Foster Care

The Challenge

Sometimes in business, we are thrown a curveball (just to keep things interesting!) Recently, Incom helped one of our valued customers hit a home run when one such curveball had them facing an extremely tight deadline with considerable cash at stake.

When Chris Goff, CIO of Swiis Foster Care, contacted us with “a challenge”, he wasn’t particularly optimistic that we would be able to rise to it. The Swiis team in Bristol had received late notification from the landlord that the lease on their existing premises was due to expire. The company was given the option to either re-sign the lease, or relocate to a new part of the building and save a lot of money in the process. However, the proposed new office had no existing cabling or telephony and data infrastructure, and the deadline to complete the move was 72 hours!

Positive Results

To Chris’s delight, his account manager, James Hayward, was unfazed by the task and the Incom wheels were put into motion. Our cabling and engineering teams arrived on site at 7 o’clock on Saturday morning to begin the job of installing new voice and data cabling and moving the existing ShoreTel telephone system and handsets.

Chris comments, “Given the timescales when I was asked the question, my initial reaction was that we couldn’t achieve the move. Thankfully, I made the call to Incom Business Systems who stepped up to the plate and performed brilliantly. The Incom engineers were mobilised within 48 hours and didn’t leave site until 10pm on Saturday, when everything was where it needed to be for us to conduct business as usual on Monday morning.”

Swiis Foster Care is one of the largest and most reputed foster care specialists in the UK, with the Head Office in London and 13 facilities providing foster care services across every region. Incom Business Systems maintains the ShoreTel systems across the company and is in the process of replacing the existing WAN with a high-speed, robust alternative.

Chris continues, “Incom is a trusted partner and I have been consistently impressed with the responsiveness and proactive approach they employ. In this particular scenario, their swift actions resulted in substantial savings and further cemented our business relationship.”

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Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

The Trust has a long-standing relationship with Incom-CNS and considers them an important partner. The Mitel solution has delivered the increased resilience required for our critical services.

Premier Holidays

The Mitel solution from Incom-CNS has helped us to save money, improve our flexibility to manage seasonal demands, increase our efficiencies and deliver exceptional customer service.

The Range Superstores

Our customers can speak to the right person, first time, and this level of service sets us apart from the competition. In Incom-CNS and Mitel we have the perfect partnership.

Harley Medical Group

Throughout our relationship, I have found Incom-CNS to be very helpful and professional. I would not hesitate to recommend Incom-CNS to other companies.

Stafford and Rural Homes

The Mitel system from Incom-CNS will pay for itself in two years through significantly reduced management costs and savings on our telephone bill in the order of 20%.

Nine St John Street Chambers

We have worked with Incom-CNS for twenty years and trust their advice and technical capabilities. The Mitel platform is a reliable solution that meets our current and future requirements.

Ison Harrison Solicitors

Put simply, the Mitel Unified Communications solution deployed by Incom-CNS delivers less complexity, ease of use and a much lower total cost of ownership to Ison Harrison.

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