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How to: Work from home

With most of us working from home for the past few weeks, and likely to continue remote working in some way for the foreseeable future, we want to help you make the most of your new workspace.

Many of us are accustomed to working in professional places and may have taken for granted our day-to-day office environment, so getting organised and being productive could prove more difficult than you first thought.

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented an extreme example of how businesses need to be able to access information anytime, anywhere. The coronavirus outbreak has forced the vast majority us to work from home and while this may have caused disruption and pain in the early days, there are vital lessons we can learn from this time when moving forward towards ‘a new normal’.

Logging on from home affords us many benefits. Increased flexibility and a welcome farewell to the daily commute, to name just two! With the right tools in place, telecommuting is super simple and can actually increase your productivity. Here are some top tips from the Incom-CNS team to help you embrace your new setup.


Start simple – stick to a routine. Getting up early, getting out of your pyjamas and sticking to similar working hours will help your brain get into work mode! This will also remind others who may be at home that you are indeed at work.

The unprecedented and sustained closure of schools means that many are faced with the challenge of home schooling, alongside home working. Following a timetable of the school day could help you schedule important calls and complete tasks during times when you know there are likely to be fewer interruptions.

Be sure to factor in time away from your desk too. Regular exercise, coffee and lunch breaks are good ways to renew focus. Try to set aside time for extracurricular activities – team video calls to chat about more than work can help mimic those much-missed, office water cooler moments.

Choose wisely

Select your office space carefully. It is important to minimise distractions as much as possible, so pick a quiet part of your house to work in if you can. Consider the amount of daily foot traffic in that area – if you normally have a lot of calls first thing or around midday the kitchen probably isn’t going to be the best option! Finding that sweet spot sooner rather than later will be a huge help to your overall productivity.


Try to have all items you need for work at arm’s reach and remove anything unnecessary. If space is at a premium, storage solutions are a good way to aid organisation. A cluttered workspace often means a cluttered mind.

Get comfortable

Since you’re probably spending the majority of the day sitting at your desk or dining table, a supportive chair will work wonders for your posture and stop aches and pains caused by slouching. Try to place your screen at eye level to avoid neck strain from being hunched over a laptop.

Keep your workspace bright and airy. Natural light has a positive impact on our mood and wellness whilst fresh air helps boost your immune system and improves concentration. Plants were a popular suggestion amongst our team – indoor plants help reduce stress and are surprisingly good company!

Tools of the trade

Internet access is an absolute must for connectivity. Use an online speed testing tool to measure the quality of your home Wi-Fi. Try out different rooms and think about moving your wireless router if needs be.

Finally, videoconferencing is a great way to get some face to face time. Having a working webcam or smartphone is the first step but also consider your surroundings – find a quiet place to call your customers and colleagues that is well-lit with a business appropriate backdrop. Noise-cancelling headphones will also help you hear others clearly during calls.

We hope you found this helpful! Thankfully, there are plenty of collaboration solutions available to help make life easy and bring the office to your home. You can learn more about different remote working solutions here or by using the contact form below to ask our experts.

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Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

The Trust has a long-standing relationship with Incom-CNS and considers them an important partner. The Mitel solution has delivered the increased resilience required for our critical services.

Premier Holidays

The Mitel solution from Incom-CNS has helped us to save money, improve our flexibility to manage seasonal demands, increase our efficiencies and deliver exceptional customer service.

The Range Superstores

Our customers can speak to the right person, first time, and this level of service sets us apart from the competition. In Incom-CNS and Mitel we have the perfect partnership.

Harley Medical Group

Throughout our relationship, I have found Incom-CNS to be very helpful and professional. I would not hesitate to recommend Incom-CNS to other companies.

Stafford and Rural Homes

The Mitel system from Incom-CNS will pay for itself in two years through significantly reduced management costs and savings on our telephone bill in the order of 20%.

Nine St John Street Chambers

We have worked with Incom-CNS for twenty years and trust their advice and technical capabilities. The Mitel platform is a reliable solution that meets our current and future requirements.

Ison Harrison Solicitors

Put simply, the Mitel Unified Communications solution deployed by Incom-CNS delivers less complexity, ease of use and a much lower total cost of ownership to Ison Harrison.

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