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Case Study

Premier Holidays

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Mitel Unified Communications and Enterprise Contact Centre with intelligent call routing brings tangible benefits to tour operator Premier Holidays, improving customer experience, increasing sales and reducing the total cost of ownership

  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Maximised agent effectiveness
  • Reduced administration burden
  • Increased high value sales
  • Improved call handling and routing
  • Accurate management information
  • Swift return on investment
  • Highly scalable platform for growth
  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • Reduced operational costs


Premier Holidays is a privately-owned tour operator with 80 years’ experience arranging bespoke worldwide holidays. The company relied on a Siemens telephone system at head office, while the contact centre in Cambridge depended on unsupported CMS software which was difficult to manage in-house and lacked the required functionality. In addition, the system was not PCI compliant for call recording and could not meet their call handling and routing requirements or deliver vital management information. Premier Holidays’ requirement was to deploy a new, feature-rich, but simple to manage, communications platform to enable them to enhance the customer experience and increase high value sales.


Incom-CNS conducted an in-depth audit of the existing communications infrastructure and processes at Premier Holidays, to gain an understanding of the customer’s immediate and longer-term needs. The proposal focused on improving working practices and boosting agent productivity. A critical KPI for the customer was the provision of an enhanced caller experience and additional changes in the working environment were considered, including the use of social media and web-chat for customer communications. Incom-CNS recommended a Mitel Unified Communications (UC) platform with Enterprise Contact Centre (ECC) combined with Oaisys Tracer Call Recording, together with a migration from ISDN3e to SIP trunks, to achieve significant cost savings and richer call functionality.

Intelligent Call Routing

More than half of Premier Holidays’ business is generated via travel agents and, as calls are received, a caller is given the option to enter their ABTA number. The Mitel solution positions the call in the queue based on the record of previous business with the travel agent, prioritising potential high revenue calls at the front of the queue. In addition, skills-based routing allows calls to be filtered via auto-attendant according to specific topics, such as destination, and presented to the most appropriate agent to improve first call resolution rates.


Alongside head office in Cambridge, the Premier Group operates 17 travel agents across the UK and Channel Islands. The Jersey office had historically received an unreliable service from the line provider, due to regular power outages, leading to loss of business. Incom-CNS installed the Mitel solution at the branch and linked it to the contact centre in Cambridge over an MPLS network, giving voice traffic priority over data and providing continuity of service.

Future-Proofed UC

The Mitel solution proved so successful that Premier Holidays has deployed it across an additional 15 branch locations, creating a company-wide UC platform. Contact centre agents gain visibility of staff presence at branches, enabling calls to be transferred to specific salespeople efficiently, without incurring call charges. This supports enhanced productivity, freeing up agents to deal with the highest value calls. Migrating to SIP trunks has delivered an infrastructure cost saving of over 60% and increased flexibility – Premier Holidays can cater for seasonal demand by easily increasing or decreasing the number of SIP trunks utilised.

Enhanced Management Information

Premier Holidays has gained the flexibility to run scheduled and adhoc reports across a range of KPIs. Marketing campaign effectiveness is quickly gauged, allowing staffing levels to be managed appropriately.

Compliance Management & Quality Monitoring

Oaisys Tracer automatically records, stores and organises telephone conversations in a secure central server, so recordings are readily available for dispute resolution and transaction verification. It also enables a high level of agent evaluation and quality assurance functionality. For example, if an agent is struggling with a call, a contact centre supervisor is able to instantly join the call to offer guidance and maximise sales achievement.


The Mitel platform delivers rich functionality to Premier Holidays. Advanced call routing has significantly enhanced the customer experience by increasing staff productivity. Automated management information has enabled better informed business decisions relating to seasonal demands and marketing campaign effectiveness. Call recording and quality monitoring has satisfied PCI compliance requirements and enabled the company to better monitor staff performance. The Mitel solution is easy to manage in-house and, as the platform is distributed and layered on the IP network, it offers 99.9999999 per cent availability for exceptional operational continuity. Finally, total cost of ownership and operational costs have been significantly reduced.

Niki Waters, Projects Manager,
Premier Holidays.

Our Mitel deployment has helped us to save money, improve our flexibility to manage seasonal demands and increase our efficiencies, so we can focus on delivering exceptional customer service.

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