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Case Study

Nine St John Street

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One of the UK’s leading barristers’ chambers, Nine St John Street, deploys Mitel Unified Communications platform, its fourth telephone system in twenty years installed by trusted business communications partner, the Incom-CNS Group

  • Easy-to-use Unified Communications
  • Improved call handling
  • Enabled better collaboration
  • Enhanced client experience
  • Simplified system administration
  • Structured cabling installation
  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • Increased system resilience
  • Scalability for future growth
  • Free lifetime software upgrades


Nine St John Street is one of the largest barristers’ chambers outside the City of London. The business used an aging NEC system which had become problematic and was time consuming to administer. Intermittent faults were resulting in calls being cut off or not getting through at all. The system was no longer supported by the manufacturer and spare parts were difficult to obtain. Despite continued ‘best endeavours’ support from the Incom-CNS team, a potential system failure posed a significant risk to the business. Incom-CNS was invited to conduct a comprehensive site survey, including a review of the Local Area Network (LAN) cabling and switches to assess the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) suitability of the underlying infrastructure.


Incom-CNS recommended Mitel’s Unified Communications (UC) platform, offering ease of use and management, alongside rich end user functionality and scalability. Mitel’s advanced features enable staff to communicate effectively, irrespective of their location or device, so they never miss a call. The Mitel solution offers simple system management with common tasks, such as adding a new user, taking a matter of seconds. Free software updates for the life of the system eliminate costly upgrades and obsolescence.


The project was managed and implemented in two phases, with new structured cabling installed during week one and the Mitel system deployed in week two. Once the handsets had been installed and programmed, Incom-CNS carried out training for all users before the ‘go-live’ date. On completion of the installation and training, the lines were transferred from the legacy NEC system to the new Mitel platform, after office hours. Thereby, the Mitel system was fully live and staff were up and running on day one, with Incom-CNS engineers on hand to provide additional support as required.

A Perfect Fit for Barristers

Mitel UC is the perfect fit for a busy barristers’ chambers. Users can view the availability of colleagues and ask the system to notify them when a colleague becomes available. Calls can be twinned with a user’s mobile or assigned to ring a home phone or softphone, when working from home or off-site. End user availability is automatically updated based on their Outlook calendar. If a user is unavailable, Instant Messaging (IM) can be used, so important calls are never missed. Likewise, voicemail messages are delivered directly into email inboxes as WAV files which can be played from a mobile device, enabling reduced response times to important calls. These features are highly beneficial for users who are on the move between court and chambers, as well as clerks and office-based staff. Reception staff benefit from a screen-based application allowing all incoming calls in the queue to be viewed. Using drag-and-drop, calls can be assigned to available users or departments with ease. Unavailable users can create personal call routing patterns, offering callers the ability to speak to a colleague or to leave a voicemail.

Easy to Use & Up to Date

Mitel provides exceptional ease of system administration via a standard Web browser interface, enabling simple tasks, such as adding a new user, to be accomplished in a matter of seconds. Mitel typically issues software updates every 12 to 18 months and offers its customers free software upgrades for the life of their system. This represents a major advantage over other systems, where some manufacturers discontinue products after around five years leaving the customer with no choice but to replace, in order to remain supported. With Mitel, the investment lasts indefinitely. The Mitel platform offers 99.99999 percent availability for exceptional operational continuity, protecting the ability of the chambers to guarantee no interruption to fee-earning operations.

A Practice Manager’s Perspective

Ruth Bailey, Practice Manager at Nine St John Street, comments,

“Staying on an unsupported system was not an option, because the threat to the business in terms of loss of service from system failure was too great. The NEC system was difficult to administer and adding new users was complex and time consuming. We really needed something which would be far easier to manage. We have worked with Incom-CNS for a long time and we trust their advice and technical capabilities. Changing the phone system could be considered a risk and changing suppliers would make that process even more risky. However, given the size of the investment, we obtained numerous proposals and shortlisted three suppliers offering solutions from Avaya and Mitel. Ultimately, we selected Mitel as it met the needs of our users, is easy to use and will last longer, due to the availability of ongoing software upgrades. We trusted Incom-CNS to manage the transition for us with minimal disruption and provide high-quality, ongoing support.”


Nine St John Street benefits from a communications platform that is easy to implement, simple to administer and provides consistent, yet advanced, features to all users across the business. The Mitel solution delivers simplified call handling to end users, ensuring that important calls are never missed. An advanced tool-set makes everyday communications faster and more efficient, with users able to easily view colleague availability, irrespective of location or device being used. Simple system administration allows new users to be implemented quickly without creating an additional burden on the support team. As the system is intuitive to use, training can be undertaken in minutes.

Ruth Bailey, Practice Manager,
Nine St John Street.

We needed a reliable solution which would meet our current and future requirements. We have worked with Incom-CNS for twenty years and the Mitel platform, matched by their excellent technical support, stands us in good stead.

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